The Universe is Always Speaking To Us

The universe is always speaking to us,  sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipitous moments. Reminding us to stop, remove the fog, and believe in something more…something bigger than ourselves. But it is so easy to miss the signs if you are not looking or even worse, if you are not trusting them to be ‘real’.

Have you ever noticed the serendipitous or seemingly coincidental events in your own life? When do they start showing up for you? 

For me they show up in times of confusion, uncertainty, and a general sense of being “lost.” This summer was one of those times for me. I remember dropping to my knees and actively surrendering to a power higher than me to take the wheel and show me where I was meant to go next. And within two days a life changing person entered my life and everything began unfolding. Since that time serendipitous signs have been happening to me almost daily.

Most recently the signs have been connected to my work here with all of you. You see, for a long while I have been sharing and learning you all on how to heal your body through food and exercise alone. But there is so much more to healing than just the food we eat or the physical body.

I wanted to teach you more, to go deeper into true healing. But I have had some personal resistance around showing you how I also work deeply with spirit and the mind. Why? I guess because I worried how it might be received by my clients and you all reading this today. Especially because for many years my relationship with spirit (God, the universe…what ever you call your higher power) was completely severed. I had disconnected from believing in anything other than myself. I struggled to release control to an ‘unidentified’ being. It felt ridiculous. I held that false belief right up until the moment when I had nothing left to loose, hit rock bottom, dropped to my knees and surrendered. It was in that surrender that I found my own personal and magical relationship with spirit and holistic healing. And to my surprise it wasn’t all “out there and weird,” rather it was gentle, realistic, and life changing stuff.


((Maybe recently you may have noticed me sprinkling in some of my healing tools that I personally use daily over on instagram @mykin_of_healthy))

After spending months resisting my next level of support, today I woke up with deep clarity in my heart.  I know I am meant to also show you my journey through mental health and holistic healing to bring more whole body wellness to you all. The body is only a fraction of our potential health. After all we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

So with that, I’m so excited to begin sharing with you my journey through the demystifying the chakras, digging into vibrational crystal healing, bring tarot into every day life, using oils for grounding and clearing and calling in a kick ass life in a real life, doable way.

Are you excited?! 

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  1. Finally! I have been waiting! I can’t wait!

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