I am often asked where I purchase my Essential Oils and Crystals for the healing work that I do.  Here are some of my favorites that I personally use and trust every day within my home and family 

  • I purchase my essential oils from DōTERRA. You can purchase your oils through me at retail price, or if you know you are going to purchase oils regularly you can also purchase them as a Wellness Advocate and get wholesale prices (aka a discount). For either option, start by clicking here to get started
  • My favorite thing to do when shopping for healing crystals is to find a store that I can go to and explore. But, online shopping is often times way more convenient for a busy mama! I have had a lot of success finding crystals on Etsy (search healing crystals) or at if you are shopping in bulk.

When It comes to my Nutrition, I have had to heal leaky gut, candida, and gluten intolerances for both myself and my daughter. I take what I put into our bodies very seriously and cautiously, but I also need to be able to AFFORD what I am going to use regularly. 

I use this plant based, vanilla protein powder daily for both my daughter and I. It is free of soy, grain, dairy, and over-processed sugars. It is the only thing I have used that does not leave me feeling bloated and sick. It is easy to shake up and mix with water or almond milk.


If you have any questions or are on your own healing journey, please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know how i can help you through this time. You are not alone and you shouldn’t have to fight so hard to feel like your best self. xox All my love,







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