Why Your Ovulation App Is Crap (part 1)

If you’ve read my story with infertility, you know that getting pregnant was not something that came easy for me. It was a painstaking process that required an incredible amount of independent detective work after I had been repeatedly let down by what I thought were all the ‘right ways.’


But I wanted to take things back a little bit here, because before I even KNEW I was going to be up against the mountain of infertility, I was just a regular girl, ready to start trying to make a baby.


The first thing I did after my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family was download a period tracking/ovulation tracking app on my phone.


It was SO easy, like a little crystal ball.  Or so I thought.


I downloaded the app, plugged in my height, weight, age, etc. Then came the part where I needed to plug in my cycle length. Hmm. Well, that was sort of a complicated answer. You see, I never had a consistent start and end day of my cycle. Sometimes I had a 55 day cycle (meaning no period would start for 55 days) and sometimes I would have a 27 day cycle. Much like you will see with someone who has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) So, I wasn’t really sure what to put there. But I decided to just put a guestimate of 32. I figured that was a forgiving, but ‘normal’ number.


After entering in this information, this little app created this pretty little colored graph. It told me when I was going to be ‘fertile’ and when to try for baby. So, what did I do? I TRUSTED this app and put all my eggs (no pun intended ha!) in one basket with what the app was telling me. Except, I wasn’t getting pregnant. Months were going by and my periods were all over the place and nothing was working. I remember saying out loud, “I don’t get it, I am fertile these days!” I remember feeling defeated, confused, and frustrated that nothing was working.


It wasn’t until I made an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist who had to physically monitor my fertility with ultrasounds and blood work, did I discover just how far off the app truly was. In fact, I was not ovulating AT ALL. I was floored, but in hindsight, this is not shocking information. If you don’t have a consistent menstrual cycle, there is a significant chance your ovulation and fertility will be impacted.


But at the time, I felt like I was having a MAJOR wake up call about my body and who or what I trusted it with. Here were a few things I learned…


1) Your App Is Not Magical


First, I realized an App on your phone is not magical. It can not see into your uterus and it does not know the exact day you will ovulate. The app is based on a PERFECT menstrual cycle that is 28 days in length and assumes you ovulate day 14. However, this is not the case for all women, even those who have a consistent 28 day cycle. Some women ovulate as early as day 6, while others not until day 26. It just depends on a whole variety of factors including how much stress you were under that month or how quickly your follicles mature based on your hormone levels. So, I share this because if you are only planning around the day the app says you should try for baby, you could be missing your fertile window by a long shot.


2) We Have To Talk About This With Each Other

Second, after going through my own holy crap moment,  I realized that I was not the only one using these apps to try to conceive. So many of us turn to these convenient apps mainly because we felt like how else do you figure this stuff out? I personally know several friends struggling with infertility right, and almost all of them have used these apps for the first 6-8 months of trying to conceive.


6-8 months! That means, what is seemingly appearing as infertility, may be in reality 6-8 months of just totally missing their fertile window because they are basing their decisions on an app!


Do you guys see what I am saying here?!


I think we can all agree that we are currently  living in a time that is focused on quick, immediate, and convenient answers to problems or issues we are facing in the moment.  Especially when it comes to our bodies. We rely on technology to be our eyes, ears, and even our brain sometimes (hi, I use google as my spell checker) to solve these issues as they arise. We look for things like apps on our phone and have even come to trust these pieces of technology to the point that we forget to question what they really are telling us.


I realized during my journey with infertility and hormonal imbalance, that I had lost touch with my own body in a magnitude of ways. I had stopped listening to what it had been trying to tell me LOUD and CLEAR for YEARS. Literally, years. I ignored my horrendous periods because my doctors told me I was just ‘unlucky’. I ignored the erratic cycles because I was busy and going on birth control made the problem go away fast. I ignored that little voice (that we all have) which said, “something isn’t right.”  Instead, I trusted external sources of information- none of which knew what it was like to walk a day in my shoes.


When I finally came up for air that day at the reproductive endocrinologist, I realized that it was time to reconnect with my own body. I needed to learn what it was trying to tell me, especially if I ever wanted to successfully become a pregnant- more than once. I knew, as I sat on the crinkly tissue paper, waiting for the infertility assessment to be finished, that this problem wasn’t going away unless I started to learn what was really going on in there.


When I finally decided it was time to listen EVERYTHING began to change. So much so, that I began to know MORE about my body than the doctors were able to tell me at my appointments. I was able hone in and pinpoint the exact day of ovulation, all without leaving my bed in the morning.

Check back for Part 2 of my story on how a thermometer and a needle helped me to ultimately become pregnant after almost 3 years of failed fertility treatments


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