One Meal, One Day At A Time

Recently there have been an awful lot of changes happening in my life. Some of these changes are incredible and exciting and some can feel a little overwhelming and daunting.

I don’t know about you, but when I am up against a big change it can make me start to feel like “oh my god, there is so much to UNDO before I can REDO!” I know whatever my current situation is must be somewhat of a mess for me to have to now be in a place of having to change it. BUT I feel like I have to learn an entirely new skill, and I want to be perfect at it right out of the gate. When I am not, I get discouraged, frustrated, and usually I end of ‘falling’ off whatever wagon I was trying to catch up to

Except how many things in life really work that way? When we first learned how to drive a car, I bet we weren’t the most capable driver.  I know I wasn’t. Or when we had our first day on the job, I bet we went home with our heads spinning. But in each of these two scenarios, we knew we didn’t have any other option if we wanted the outcome, so we kept practicing. One day at a time, one task at a time.

The SAME concept applies to our bodies, our eating habits, and our mindset.

When first setting out to make changes in our eating habits, it is hard to resist the urge to label our current habits as a ‘mess’ or for some ‘not that bad, but.’ I get it, I have been there.  

When we talk to most diet and exercise ‘gurus’ they often tell us to go to our cabinet and throw everything out, wipe the slate clean and start over with a house full of lettuce and chicken. Strict meal plans, ‘healthy’ foods vs. ‘bad’ foods, and more rules than you know what to do with.

But I disagree with this approach, entirely.

You do not need to clean out your kitchen ‘Biggest Loser” style and give up everything you love for some quest to lose the weight that you feel like you ‘should’ but ‘can’t.’

Instead, you only need to focus on being 1% better than you were the day before. 

What does that even mean?

Instead of looking at what a day in the life of eating is for you and then ‘overhauling your decisions like “no more of this, this is bad, low fat this, no more sugar” I want you to look at leaving everything the same with the exception of one meal. JUST ONE. That is the only place you need to start for now.

Here is something that I teach the women who I work with 1:1 when restoring hormone balance and weight loss:

Pick 1 meal you feel like you know you can eat every single day and then make these two small additions to it as a starting point:

1. Add a real, lean protein source like eggs, chicken, bacon, hemp seeds, bison, or protein powder/smoothie

Tip: if you are relying on yogurt as your protein source, I want you to try to phase that habit out. It isn’t a protein source as much as a sugar and carb source (even if it says it is because its ‘greek’) Yogurt is not bad for you and you can keep eating it, but it isn’t a protein source. so if you still want your yogurt, have it with some turkey and veggies.

2. Add a Healthy Fat  like olive oil dressing, some slices of avocado, coconut oil or butter

Healthy fat will not make you fat. It is essential for our bodies when it comes to balancing hormones, making our skin look great, and keeping our fat releasing mechanisms turned up. (Unhealthy fats like cheese, butter, creamy sauces, will make you store fat especially if eaten with carbs, so I just try to scale them back a bit, but don’t stress yet about cutting them out I won’t make you quit cheese hah!)

The reason I want you to make these two small changes is because 1) most women avoid protein and fat because of misunderstanding the important role they play in our female hormonal make up and 2) Protein and Healthy Fats are the two things that keep you FULLER for longer.  By eating Protein and Fats first, your body is able to take these in and store them for energy and muscle. The more muscle your body can create through food, the more fat it can burn even without the exercise piece added in. Carbs on the other hand are burned for quick simple fuel so they are used up and spit out quick, if you have an excess of carbs in your system your body just stores what it can’t use as fat immediately. This burning and storing mechanism usually leaves us hungry again in a short time and amps up cravings like snacks late in the evening or chocolate after a meal.

After you have made these changes for a few weeks, let me know how it is going! Once you begin to create this habit shift for one meal, the next step is to slowly pick another meal you can do the same thing to!

The process is all trial and error and there is no right or wrong. Only what works best for you and leaves you feeling energetic while still creating the body shape you desire.

I am here for you, I can’t wait to hear how this small shift goes!

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