Journey Through the Chakras

Have you heard the word Chakra tossed around before?

If you are like me, the first time you heard the word, you rolled your eyes and struggled to wrap your mind around this being a “real” thing. What are they? Why do I even care? What do they “do”?

 When I learned that the Chakras are actually just an ancient way to talk about the 7 main elements of healing and emotional well being, it all began to click into place. Now I work exclusively with woman who are ready to dive into learning about what the heck a chakra is and how it can change their entire life and self-care practice. Together we create a healing road map to uncover the 7 elements that have continued to be repeating patterns in your life. Maybe you are always sick, maybe you struggle in relationships with partners and can’t figure out why. And maybe, your body feels like it has betrayed you and you hate the way you look in the mirror.

Well love, I am here for you. Take my hand and let’s start this journey. To schedule a 20 minute session to learn more let’s connect here at and tell me a little about your journey so far.

Still not sure how a Chakra fits into real life?

Here, let me explain:

Have you found yourself struggling with food? Maybe you don’t know what to eat, or you eat too much. No matter what you do, nothing seems to ‘work’ the way it is supposed to when it comes to food in your life. And honestly, you don’t want to have to think so hard about it…. This is your ROOT chakra talking to you

Have you found yourself in a toxic relationship with others or yourself? Feeling walked all over, pushed aside, and stuck in a negative thought cycle? When did life become about living for everyone else but yourself? …this is your SACRAL chakra talking to you

Maybe you feel so run down that you can barely think straight. You would love to have time to exercise, cook, or go out with the girls. But you just feel like crap all the time and now your self esteem is in the toilet. …this is your SOLAR PLEXUS talking to you

Do you have old wounds when it comes to love and nurturing? Do you give all the time but never receive the love you crave? This is your HEART talking to you.

When you communicate, does it leave you feeling expansive and happy? Or do you find yourself wishing you didn’t put your foot in your mouth again! Maybe you wanted to stick up for yourself but you were afraid of what would happen. So instead, you go with the ‘crowd’… Your THROAT chakra wants some love

Did you get a sick pit in your stomach feeling when you made a decision recently? Maybe you ignored it and did what everyone else said you should do and regret it. Headaches? Worry? Stress? Your 3rd EYE is in overdrive…

Do you feel like you are all alone in the world? That YOU have to control the outcomes and direction of your life. The idea of surrendering is laughable and scares the shit out of you. TRUST is not something that comes easy. Well, your CROWN chakra is talking to you.