Hormonal Nutrition Coaching

Are You Ready To Start Healing?

Have you been plagued by digestive issues, headaches or bloating?

Maybe you have been experiencing stubborn weight that will not come off no matter how many diets or cleanses you try. You know you eat pretty well all ready, so why do you feel so tired and stuck?

To top it all off, you have terrible PMS, heavy or irregular periods, and now that you want to start a family you are finding yourself unable to get pregnant.

I have been in these shoes, more than once, at different stages of my life and I can tell you the one thing all of these issues have in common: Your HORMONES and NOT how many calories you eat, how many hours you spend in the gym, or how perfect you are at sticking to a ‘plan.’ Who has time for that?

These little hormone messengers dictate everything from your mood, energy, weight, ovulation, skin, stress levels, and most importantly for many of us, our CRAVINGS. 

The good news is your hormones are not evil, in fact they are AMAZING and can be the very thing that takes you from feeling frumpy and exhausted to fertile, sexy, and full of energy again.

Let me show you how you can stop feeling stuck, clueless, and frustrated when it comes to your body, energy, weight, and yes-even your fertility. 

Let’s set up a time to chat so that you can get a better idea of what you need to feel unstuck.

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I work with women who are sick and tired of how they look and feel both physically and emotionally. Women who want to start a family but are plagued with hormonal havoc like endometriosis, fibroids, and irregular periods and feel like traditional medicine has not given them answers.

I also work with women who have successfully delivered babies but find their postpartum body and lives unrecognizable. They are ready to change the shape of their mind and body without having to fight their willpower and cravings in the process. Women who want to feel whole, without having to worry about being perfect all the time.

Together we will assess your own unique hormonal health, cravings, lifestyle, and stress levels. Once we paint a clear picture of YOU, we work together to create a real life and doable plan that allows you to have a family+ life+ work balance, find exercises that excite you but don’t take hours away from your family, and simplify nutrition so you can actually enjoy living without living out of tupperware.

Are you ready to dig in and feel the best you’ve felt in years?

Ways to Work With Me

20 Minute Free Consult

In this 20 minutes you will get a sense of what it is like to work with me and how we will tackle your current needs

9 Weeks to 9 Months: A Program For Pregnancy and Postpartum Women

In this program we spend 9 weeks together uncovering your hormonal history and developing a plan that will heal your body and promote optimal fertility as well as postpartum recovery- without more medication or pills.

Included: 9 x 1 hour phone consultations plus individualized nutritional, emotional, and hormonal protocols

Small Changes, Big Impact: Nutritional Pow-Wow for the Busy Lady

This program is perfect for the woman who is on the go, doesn’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen but is sick of feeling like her body has gone off the rails when it comes to food and mood.  Together we work on making doable nutritional changes while boosting your immune support. You will receive easy to implement, real life changes that won’t leave your head spinning. Bonus: You’ll be given access to all my favorite on-the go recipes!


4 x1 hour phone consultations, email support, recipes guides

Let’s do this.

Just send me an email at Mykindofhealthy@gmail.com to schedule a Free 20 Minute time to chat and we can talk through which program will be perfect for you!

I want you to know that I am here for you, you are not alone, you are not broken. You can feel like yourself again without spending hours in the gym or filling yourself full of medication.