Chakra 101: Root Chakra

I am so excited!!


Today kicks off Day 1 of my Chakra 101, 7 week series. I will be sharing information about each of the 7 chakras throughout the coming weeks here and over on Instagram.


But first, why are we talking about Chakras all of a sudden? Isn’t this a hormonal nutrition and wellness blog? YES! It is! And that is exactly why I decided to start this series. You see, our health goes so much deeper than the food we put into our mouths. And we can only talk SO long about protein, fats, carbs, and calories.  After five years of working with women to improve their nutrition and hormones, the one thing that ALWAYS comes up as a major obstacle to sustainable progress is mindset, emotional wounds, and feelings of ‘not enoughness.’ And No amount of salad or veggies can make you feel ‘enough.’ More about that here 


And so, I have decided to begin sharing with you all just how I have helped myself and my clients overcome deep emotional barriers and begin to witness, claim, honor and release the stories that have kept us stuck!


Now, in this series we will cover the 7 main Chakras. First up, is our ROOT



Day 1: What is The ROOT?

Our Root is our 1st chakra point and is located at the base of your spine/tailbone

The Color of the ROOT is Red, but black, brown, and gray are also often used to signify grounding and connecting to the earth.

  • Our Root energy is our most instinctual, survival, self preservation center.
  • It is where we store our sense of safety (or fear), stability, family dynamics, and sense of tribe.
  • It is where we store feelings of comfort in our own physical body.
  • The Root plays an important role in manifestation and feelings of trust and abundance


Day 2: How Does Our ROOT Impact Our Quality of Life? 

The root chakra is associated with our sense of belonging and identity. It’s also where we hold our first experience with love.

If the emotional and psychological stability within your childhood was a harmonious one then you may have a balanced root chakra with strong survival instincts and a good relationship with your body.

But If your early years were filled with emotional turmoil these emotional issues can translate into anxiety,  depletion, weight issues and instability.  Emotional eating and yo-yo dieting often can have roots here in the ROOT. Because Your body stores these experiences and emotions, they can manifest into physical diseases like joint pain, headaches, chronic inflammation, and immune-related disorders. When we feel unprotected,ungrounded, and even unloved by our tribe these chronic feelings create inflammation in our system. Causing dis-ease.

So now that we know what the root is, the next question is..

Day 3: How do we know if our Root/foundation is Balanced or Imbalanced?

Your Root is in a Balanced State if you feel:

  • secure
  • grounded
  • able to relax,
  • balanced energy and activity
  • feel stable
  • comfortable in your own body and feel physically healthy
  • able to manifest things in your life
  • good boundaries and relationships with family or your “tribe”

When our foundation or root is imbalanced we may feel:

  • fearful or anxious
    quick to anger
  • fear of change
    overwhelmed and disorganized -foggy
    stressed about money and future
    struggles with food, body, & stress management
    lack energy
  • drama in relationships

Day 4: How To Bring Balance To Your Root Chakra With Essential Oils and Crystals 


When I work with women we spend a lot of time working on nourishing foods, individual blocks, and stored emotions at the Root that may need witnessed and released to promote feeling safe in their body.

But I believe we all need access to supporting our bodies so here are a few ways you can support your root at home! This is not an exhaustive list, rather some of the tools I have found most user friendly and give the biggest bang for your buck when time is limited!

Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the easiest ways to work with your chakras and you can use them in many ways.  Scent makes us FEEL, and the reactions that our brains have to smell, which in turn effect our moods, are profound.

  • You can diffuse oils in the home (always aware of oil safety if you have children in the home)
  •  you can wear them on your skin with carrier oils (by mixing with fractionated coconut oil).

When I work with oils specifically to the chakras, I like to rub the oil on the chakra zone. So I would place oil at the base of the spine/tailbone when working with my Root. 

One of the ways I have found to have the most success with my oils is by clearly setting an intention for the oil as I sit with it. If I want to feel calm, my mind less busy. I will sit and call in calmness or clarity while using the oil.

Some of the oils that I like to use for my root chakra are

-Frankincense--Frankincense is a very spiritual oil and helps to connect the route to the crown creating more energetic flow and balance it’s very grounding and can help you feel relaxed and balance blend is great for the root chakra is well it helps you feel relaxed and secure so this can help you to feel less anxious

-Balance Blend- This earthy/woody scent helps to promote feelings of being relaxed and secure. I often use this oil when my kids are pushing my buttons 😉

-Patchouli- This is a woody earthy scent that is said to aid in abundance and prosperity. It is also very calming.

If oils resonate with you, I will be covering them in much more detail in my Holistic Self Healing 101 Course and My Vibrational Crystal Healing Course in coming months. If you would like to know more about joining me for these courses, please send me an email and we can talk more!  I would also love to support you in this part of your chakra journey and have many oils that I use and love for supporting grounding. If you head over to my page here, there are more details and resources for you to explore oils and crystals.


I absolutely love crystals and they are such a compliment to oils and chakras.  I also recognize there are many different opinions regarding how and why crystals work, and I highly respect everyone’s experience. What I do believe is that Crystal healing is an energetic and spiritual practice and not an exact science (sort of like how faith works for many).  For me, I have found that they are simple and beautiful tools that serve as a physical and energetic anchor for the body to align with and see in the tough times. The ‘science’ aspect of crystals is that their vibrational frequency matches the vibration of different centers of our body and when brought into contact with our chakras they help to create a vibrational match between energies, creating a calming effect and flow

I find that healing crystals work in a number of ways for me and my clients…

They work as;

  • Amplifiers of Energy
  • Transmuters of Energy
  • Purifiers of Energy
  • Storage for Energy
  • Plus, they are all so beautiful, how could just the sight of them not have a positive effect on your mind and mood!? 😉

Now my favorite ROOT chakra crystals are 

  • Red Jasper (Red stones vibrate in sync with the root)
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Black Obsidian
  • Hematite (strong grounding stone)

How to use these??? It is so simple! You can wear the crystals, hold them in your hands while you meditate or sit quietly, OR you can lay on the ground and lay the crystal at your feet or behind the base of your spine. Then, visualize connecting into the stone, down into the earth and feeling truly present in the base of your body. Breathing deeply, in…and…out… connecting with and repeating mantras such as ” I am safe, I am nourished, I am healthy” . It my feel silly, but your neurological pathways can only believe what you feed them. If you feed them positive affirmations, your body has no choice but to align with that thought. Thoughts are energy, after all.

If you are struggling with your root chakra and feel you are stuck, lost, and unsure if you’ve ever even been grounded. Please know you do not have to walk alone in this journey. I would love to support you or answer further questions you may have. You can always email me or reach out on my instagram page for further insights and support

In addition to my hormonal nutrition and psychology background, I am trained in the energetics of chakras, through an ancient system called Chakredy. Within my energetic work I can help you to identify blocks, imbalances, and trapped emotions that may be holding you back from seeing the progress you crave. Together we witness and release these interferences so that you can claim your vibrancy again.  I do believe, however, that I am not the healer, rather YOU are our own deepest healers and that a willingness to be vulnerable and see your truest layers, is what brings the deepest growth. I simply provide the flashlight and hope.

All my love,




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