Meet Kristen


12823290_1003889556349690_7460687920947942397_oHey Lady! 

I bet you’re thinking this sounds great and all, but who is this chick?

Today I enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle with my family. At home I am pretty handy with a power tool, but you will rarely find me in the kitchen. I am married to an incredible man who is thankfully the cook around here and I am a mom to the most amazing, spunky toddler who makes me laugh every single day.

When I am not chasing my family around, I spend my time as a licensed psychologist trained in habit and behavior change, a women’s fitness trainer, and a Women’s Certified Hormonal Fat Loss Coach.

However, my story didn’t always look like this. In fact, I could not have been more opposite of the person I am today.

Here are some things you may not know about me:

  • I suffered a serious skull fracture which left me unable to walk without assistance for several months (I can’t smell anymore!)
  • I battled with restrictive eating disorders from my early teen to college aged years, fearing food, counting calories, and battling weight gain
  • I have tried countless programs, fads, diets and my weight yo yo’d every. single. time.
  • I had terrible self esteem and insecurities with my body image and feared ‘losing control’ without restrictions or plans
  • I spent almost 3 years experiencing infertility as we struggled to get pregnant due to hormone and life imbalances.

Because how I was treating my body for all of those years, I found myself in the throngs of adrenal fatigue, candida, and ultimately an autoimmune condition that wreaked havoc on my mental, physical, and emotional state. These conditions left me unable to exercise, eat the foods I loved, or think clearly without being agitated. It got REAL!


It was out of these intense struggles and painful experiences that I began to REWRITE my story.

It has been a beautiful and empowering journey, becoming the absolute expert of my own body and life.

I know deeply that if I can do it, so can you.

We are all strong and I believe we ALL have the power to rewrite our story. 

It is through my own personal life experiences as well as the relationships I have built with my clients that I have set out to to create this community for you to be able to safely and comfortably learn to experience powerful mindset shifts, break negative emotional cycles, and demystify the simplicity of healthy living.

I hope that you gain value from the stories and support I share in this space.

I am here for you!